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Horses are my first love. 


Horses are my passion, my peace, my teachers, and my friends.  They have taught me life lessons of humility, of patience, of sorrow, of resilience, of love and of great joy. 


God has blessed me with an innate gift to hear and understand what horses are trying to communicate. This gift enables me to step toward harmony with each horse that I ride.


photo credit  @Christell Berger 


NCHA director Jack Werner, left & Joel Cohen and PCHA President Andy Sutliff, right, presenting the Richie Gold Memorial Sportsmanship Award to Michelle Sterner McNutt at the September 2020 Memorial Cutting. Photo credit - Lance Jeffrey Photograph


Barbara Schulte – Mentally Tough Cutting  


  • Mentally Tough Cutting- Taught techniques on how to remain focused and aggressive during your cutting run.

  • Taught Herd Management Skills- Strategies to gain control of the herd.

  • Observed Physical& Behavioral Characteristics of Cattle- How to pick the right cow from the herd.


 Ray Hunt Clinic 

 Willow Brook Farms – Catasauqua, PA.


  • Spent the day learning various ground work and round pen techniques

  • Taught and mentored how to recognize all 3 gaits by feeling a horse’s foot placement while mounted as well as on the ground.


 National Reining Horse Association -   Judges Seminar

 Catasauqua, PA


  • Learned how to assess NRHA reining patterns.  

  • Instructed on how to properly scribe for an NRHA judge.


Cutting horse trainers & mentors with whom I have worked.

  • Kent Stough - Frederick, MD

  • Bill Brenner – Brashear, TX



  • David Phillips (Non Pro) - Mohrsville, PA  


  • Joe Schlegel (deceased)- Featherhill Farm

        Hamburg, PA




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